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Hello / Ciao!

I’m Sarah, a freelance photographer available in the UK, Italy and pretty much everywhere else my work will take me. I’m half British and half Italian, bilingual, and although I lived most of my life in Italy, I’m currently based in Yorkshire where I live with my partner Matt. My family and a lot of my friends are in Italy so I travel back and forth quite a lot and that’s why I frequently cover weddings and elopements back in my home country.


I’ve always been a creative person and I love connecting with my surroundings and telling stories through compelling visual narratives. I used to borrow my dad’s film camera as a child, then bought my first DSLR in my early teens and never stopped taking pictures. I initially started shooting nature and travel photography, taking my camera away to incredible trips around the world including South America, Africa and South-East Asia. I think that’s when I developed a keen eye for detail and my documentary style. When I moved to the UK to study, I began taking portraits of my friends and models until I was offered my first job as a wedding photographer in 2017. For a couple of years I shot weddings as a side hustle until I realised that my corporate job wasn’t what I really wanted to do in life and decided to make wedding photography my full time occupation.

Ethos and vision

Needless to say, photography is my lifetime passion. I fell in love with the narrative opportunities that weddings provide as well as the human connections, getting to know people and their stories and the privilege that is documenting them. I strive to provide brides and grooms the best possible quality not just in terms of photography but also service, from our first encounter to until after I have delivered your wedding gallery. My photography is a blend of styles – mainly documentary and editorial – and will suit perfectly those couples that are looking for beautiful, timeless images that feel natural as well as detail-oriented.

Other things I love

As I mentioned above, I started my photography journey shooting travel and wildlife before I ventured into portraiture and weddings. This is why the outdoors and natural light will always remain my favourites over studios and artificial lighting. After a trip to the glorious archipelago of Raja Ampat in Indonesia, me and Matt fell in love with scuba diving and we are now working together towards adding underwater photography and filmmaking to our skill set.