British - Italian Wedding Photographer

Based in Europe

Shooting on a mix of digital and 35mm film, expect a visual narrative of your wedding day, where the natural unfolding of events meets creativity.

My editing is timeless, true-to-colour and inspired by popular film stock such as Fujicolor Pro, Kodak Portra and the classic Ilford black and white.

A little about me

I’m Sarah, a freelance photographer available in the UK, Italy and pretty much everywhere else my work will take me. I currently live in Yorkshire with my partner Matt and my cat Charlie. I grew up in Italy and my family still lives there so I travel between the two countries a lot!

Photography has always been my greatest passion in life. When I was a child, I would borrow my father’s analogue camera and as young as 16, I purchased my first very own DSLR. For some time, I photographed landscapes and documented my travels around the world, capturing portraits of people living as far away as Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. I think that’s when I first developed my documentary style and a love for portraiture.

In my early 20s I studied linguistics and journalism, and although I initially worked in marketing and social media, I knew photography was what I really wanted to do. I covered my first wedding in 2017. I fell in love with the narrative opportunities that weddings provide as well as the human connections, getting to know people and their stories and the privilege that is documenting them.

In my spare time I'm a bit of an adventure junkie, I love to travel with Matt and try out new things. That's how we both became scuba divers and started documenting the underwater world on our travels. I love to learn about science, nature and other cultures.